What To Expect From A Contact Lens Exam


If you need corrective lenses, you may have thought about getting contacts. They can help improve your vision without the gaps that occur in glasses and you don’t have to worry about breaking or losing glasses and being unable to see. If you’re worried about what will happen if you decide to get your eyes examined for contact lenses, this post can help.

How is a Contact Lens Exam Different From An Eyeglasses Exam?

Even though both exams are designed to determine your lens prescription and identify any eye problems, an exam for contacts also includes an examination for factors only related to contact lenses.

How is an Exam For Contacts Conducted?

Most of the exam will be the same as an eye exam for someone getting eyeglasses. The optometrist will examine your eyes, test your vision and run some standard diagnostic tests. This occurs at every eye exam.

Once the standard examination is complete, the optometrist will do further testing specifically for contact lenses. These tests will help determine the best contact lenses for your vision needs. Fortunately, the additional testing doesn’t take too long and it will help make sure that your contact lenses give you the vision you need.

What If I Need Contacts and Glasses?

The good news is that you don’t need two exams. Since a contact lens exam includes all the testing needed for eyeglasses as well as contacts, the optometrist can determine what prescription eyeglasses are needed using the same exam.

Can I Drive Myself Home?

As long as the optometrist doesn’t dilate your eyes, driving yourself home after the exam shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re not sure, you can call the optometrist before your appointment to confirm whether your eyes will be dilated or not.

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