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Sports Eye Safety Month Is Here With Your Optometrist in Odessa

It’s Sports Eye Safety Month in September, and that means it’s time to review how to keep your eyes safe when participating in sports. Even if you’re not using any projectiles or other equipment that could fly into your face, you need to take steps to keep your eyes safe. There are a lot of other risks, and the right protection means your time in a sport will be more enjoyable. Odessa Vision offers the testing and protection advice you need to keep your eyes in the clear.

What Is Sports Eye Safety Month About?

Friends for Sight promotes Sports Eye Safety Month as a way to increase knowledge about how sports can affect your eyes and vice versa. Not only do you have the expected risks of projectiles hitting your eyes (e.g., baseball, gravel kicked up by motocross bikes, and so on), but there are additional risks like falling and getting debris in your eyes. Your sight can also affect your safety during sports, and testing your sports vision regularly helps you choose the right eyewear, such as prescription goggles, for each of your activities. And don’t forget the effect of UV rays from the sun on your sight — monitoring your vision and choosing UV-protective eyewear is essential.

Wearing a lot of facial gear may seem bizarre given that these tools often didn’t exist years ago. For example, facial shields for batting helmets aren’t new, but for the average layperson, they aren’t expected — many people still expect to see just a hard helmet with a protective flap over the ear facing the pitcher.

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