Signs of Computer Vision

You probably look at a screen, or several, every day. We rely on computers for school and work before coming home to turn on our laptops or iPads. These devices are useful, but they can also cause something known as computer vision. Aside from eyestrain, the following are common symptoms of this condition. Our Odessa Vision in Odessa, TX wants you to be aware of computer vision. 


Headaches are often the most noticeable sign of vision problems, and computer vision is no exception. If you experience headaches when using your computer, your eyes may be straining too hard when looking at the screen.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

We often hunch over our computers when we use them. This is especially true if you’re not using a desk of the correct height or use a laptop on your lap. This poor posture can result in neck, shoulder, and even back pain.

Dry Eyes

Looking at screens can cause you to blink less. You might not even realize that you’re doing it, but your dry eyes are a surefire sign. Of course, it’s difficult to make yourself blink more, but you can make sure that you put down the screen to give your eyes a break.

Blurred Vision

Staring at a screen directly in front of your face can cause blurred vision, especially at a distance. The sign of computer vision can persist even after you’ve stopped working on your computer. This could potentially interfere with driving.

While you may not even be aware of the symptoms of blurred vision, they can worsen if it goes untreated. Many treatment options are those that you can do yourself, including using appropriate lighting in the room where you’re working to reduce glare, positioning the screen so you can read it at a comfortable angle, sitting with correct posture, taking frequent breaks from your screen, using a blue screen filter, and sitting on a comfortable chair. That’s why it’s so important to seek out eye care as soon as you suspect you have computer vision.

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