Sports vision involves the type of vision you need to participate in sports. No matter what sport you decide to play, you’ll need your eyes to be healthy and ready for the task at hand. With the level of focus you need for any sport, having healthy vision means everything. If someone plays a sport with poor vision, they might see a decrease in their performance. Sports require a lot of depth-perception skills, as well as tons of hand-eye coordination. To get your eyes in tip-top shape, contact Odessa Vision today! Conveniently located in Odessa, TX, we have the optometry specialists you can trust.

Why is it Important

This type of vision is important because it has a huge effect on your performance on the field. Furthermore, healthy eyes while playing sports can also help prevent injury. If you decide to play sports with poor vision, you might miss that ball coming your way or be a little slow to react to that defender. Having proper vision can take your game to the next level.

Tips for Keeping Eyes Healthy

With how important our vision is in sports, it’s vital that we take care of our eyes. Proper eye care is essential no matter what sport you play and it can actually boost your performance. With how delicate our eyes are, you must do what you can to prevent a serious injury. Depending on what sport you choose, there are different ways to help protect your vision. WebMD recommends face guards, eye guards, or goggles. Aside from protective gear, there are many ways to keep your eyes healthy — which include:

  • Receive a dilated eye exam
  • Understand your family’s eye health history
  • Don’t smoke
  • Wash your hands and handle contacts appropriately

By following these easy steps for healthy eyes, you should experience incredible vision for many years to come. Proper eye care is essential while playing sports, so make sure you’re staying ahead of the game!

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