LASIK eye surgery is an option for vision patients that only became available with advances in technology. This surgery makes it possible to improve vision in patients and reduce the need for prescription eyewear. In addition, a range of vision issues can be addressed through this specialized procedure.

This safe and effective procedure has been performed on numerous vision patients and referrals and related LASIK eye surgery care is from your trusted optometrist in Odessa, TX. Learn more about LASIK eye surgery services at Odessa Vision.

What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK eye surgery uses technological advances to treat a range of conditions. LASIK eye surgery involved reshaping the cornea of the eye through a small incision in the outer covering of the eye. Common side effects during the healing process for those that receive the surgery include dry eye and experiencing halos surrounding bright lights. Vision conditions treated with LASIK eye surgery include:

  • Hyperopia;
  • Myopia; and
  • Astigmatism.

Patients who wear corrective eyeglasses or contacts are turning to LASIK to improve their vision and reduce their reliance on prescriptive eyewear. Pre and post-operative care is provided by Dr. Donald Hembree and Dr. Justin Jackman of Odessa Vision.

Who Can Have LASIK Surgery?

Patients first need to undergo a full assessment of eye health and vision as part of a comprehensive eye exam. A review of patient histories help determine factors that may increase risks for those considering LASIK surgery. Patients receive coordinated care between Odessa Vision and the referred LASIK surgery center.

Patients who may not be candidates for LASIK eye surgery include:

  • Those under 18 years of age; and
  • Patients diagnosed with diabetes and other specific medical conditions.

A consultation and thorough assessment is the first step in determining who may or may not benefit from LASIK eye surgery.

What Care Is Needed Before and After Surgery?

Pre-operative LASIK care includes following all guidelines, not wear contact lenses starting a few weeks before the surgery, taking prescribed medication, arranging needed transportation, eating a light meal prior to surgery, dressing comfortably and going without eye make-up or lotions and eye-creams the day of surgery.

Post-operative LASIK eye surgery care includes a follow-up appointment scheduled starting the day after surgery and regular appointments continuing over the next six months. A full exam is performed after a year to assess the results of the procedure on long-term vision.

LASIK Eye Surgery, Pre and Post-Surgery Eye Care Services from Your Optometrist in Odessa, TX

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