If the last eye test you remember occurred in a matter of seconds at your local school or DMV, it’s high time you began scheduling regular comprehensive eye and vision exams. These exams are critical for catching any eye function, health, or vision issues that might only get worse and worse if undetected. Even children need such exams to ensure that their vision is developing without any impediments. You can get these eye exams for your entire family here at Odessa Vision in Odessa TX.

Could You Have an Undetected Eye or Vision Problem?

Some people are happy enough to pass the brief vision testing required for a school physical or driver’s license renewal — but this complacency can be a critical mistake. Even if you’re seeing fairly well, your eyes could be struggling with the early stages of progressive, irreversible diseases and disorders, from glaucoma to macular degeneration. These issues can only be detected through careful, comprehensive examinations of both the inside and the outside of the eye.

Children also need eye and vision exams, beginning at the age of 6 months. These pediatric exams focus on evaluating the child’s eye health and eye function at first, with additional emphasis on visual acuity around school age, to catch any problems that may be interfering with normal visual development. After three major exams early in life, schoolchildren should follow the same annual exam schedule as adults. In the eye exams we perform for senior adults, we’re particularly on the lookout for age-related eye diseases such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

Comprehensive Exams From Either Optometrist on Our Team

Either optometrist on our skilled Odessa team will be happy to perform annual comprehensive eye and vision exams. We can examine the retinas, optic nerves, corneas, lenses, and other eye structures to diagnose any diseases that might require immediate treatment. a variety of eye function tests let us quickly and accurately evaluate tasks such as eye teaming, tracking, and depth perception. Our vision testing can reveal how clearly you can see at various distances. This enables us to diagnose refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or presbyopia. It also lets us find your ideal prescription for corrective lenses (which we can provide) or even LASIK surgery (which we can co-manage).

Protect Your Eyesight, Starting Today

You and your loved ones deserve to enjoy a lifetime of optimal eyesight — and you can take steps to achieve that goal, starting today. Call Odessa Vision at 432-362-3133 to schedule comprehensive eye exams for everyone in your family who needs them!