Eye allergies affect people of all ages and can occur at any time of the year (not only in the spring and summer). At Odessa Vision, our optometry team (led by Dr. Hembree and  Dr. Jackman) is committed to providing high quality, affordable, and effective services which can relieve your uncomfortable symptoms so you can get back to daily life more comfortably.

Understanding Your Eye Allergies: Causes & Symptoms

An eye allergy happens when your immune system triggers an attack against a normally non-harmful substance, mistaking it for a harmful foreign invader. These substances (known as allergens) are often things like pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, grass, smoke, household chemicals, cosmetics, and contact lens solution. Allergic reactions can happen in people who are genetically predisposed to them, although its not always entirely clear who will develop an eye allergy and who won’t (genetics and environment likely play a role).

Symptoms of eye allergies are caused by the immune system’s over-the-top response to the presence of an allergen, and can include:

  • Eye redness
  • Eye itchiness and irritation (the eye may feel dry, burning, itchy, or gritty)
  • Swelling around the eye
  • Clear watery discharge (to overcompensate for dryness)
  • Increased sensitivity to light

Depending on their allergy, a person may also experience runny nose, scratchy throat, and sneezing, though eye allergy symptoms may also occur alone.

How an Odessa Optometrist Can Relieve Eye Allergies

We recommend coming in to seeing an Odessa optometrist if you have eye allergy symptoms. Trying to “wait it out” may cause unnecessary discomfort, and if you rub and itch your eyes you run the risk of causing an eye infection or scratches. Over-the-counter remedies like moisturizing eye drops likely won’t address the underlying cause of your eye allergies, so relief will be temporary at best.

Our team will thoroughly evaluate your eyes, ask questions about your personal and family history, and run lab work if necessary in order to pinpoint the cause of your symptoms. Based on our diagnosis, we can then initiate a c customized plan of care, which may include medicated eye drops (e.g., anti-histamines or steroidal) to control inflammation and swelling, patient education for symptom management (e.g., cool compress), and more.

Are You Bothered by Red, Itchy, Watery Eyes? Connect With an Optometrist at Odessa Vision in Odessa, TX Today

Odessa Vision is your home for complete eye care—with services and techniques that are safe for the entire family! So if you or a loved one are tired of dealing with eye allergies in Odessa, TX, then contact our optometry clinic today at 432-362-3133 to schedule an appointment with an experienced optometrist.