How to Prepare of an Eye Exam

Our Odessa Vision Shares How to Prepare For An Eye Exam

Most people will see our optometry team for an eye exam once a year. If you are about to become a new patient of Odessa Vision in Odessa, you may wonder what steps you can take to prepare before your visit. Here is some information about preparatory steps you can take before your visit for an eye care appointment.

Check That Insurance Is Accepted

If you have optical insurance, it is best to give our practitioner a call before your appointment to check that we accept your provider for payment. Alternately, contact your vision care provider to find out if our practice is considered to be in-network. This will take out the guesswork about how much your bill will be at the end of your appointment. We are happy to provide you with this information over the phone to help you decide upon services and corrective lenses choices.

Decide Upon What You Want From An Appointment

When you contact us to make an appointment, it is best to know whether you are interested in obtaining contact lenses should you need vision correction items. This requires an additional test to measure your eyes for a perfect fit. Knowing beforehand will also help us prepare for the examination and you be informed about the cost associated with this test as well before it is given.

Jot Down A List Of Concerns

If you have to experience any troubles with your vision or pain in your eyes, it is best to bring this up to our practitioner before your appointment begins. This way our optometrist will know what concerns you have and they will be able to check for any problems as needed so appropriate steps are taken to treat them without delay. If you have been experiencing a change in your vision, alert our practitioner about this as well so your prescription can be altered.

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