Eye Wear Trends

The eyes are the window to the soul, shouldn’t they have fabulous frames to match? Long gone are the day of old four eyes, glasses are now a fashionable accessory, so much that people have begun to wear non-prescription frames! When figuring out what frames are in line with your sense of style and also best for your face frame there are lots of things to take into account. Let’s get started with finding the best frames for your face.

Heart Shaped Face: Characterized by a wide forehead, narrow or pointed chin and high cheekbones. Because heart shaped faces have varying widths, it’s best to attempt to find frame that will balance the face. Avoid embellished, wide top, cat-eye type frames.

Round Shaped Face: Characterized by a wide forehead, rounded chin and full cheeks. Round faces are the perfect canvas for strong, angular frames or ones with a slight up-turn in the corners. Ideally, frames that more wide than they are deep are most suitable. Avoid round frames, as these tend to exaggerate the face’s roundness and natural curves.

Square Shaped Face: Characterized by wide forehead, boxy jawline and broad cheeks defined by distinct angles that are proportional in width and length. Oval and round shapes are a good bet because they contrast the face’s natural shape.

Oval Shaped Face: characterized by high cheekbones, narrow forehead and a narrow chin. Well balanced with gently curved jaw lines, this face shape is very versatile in terms of frame shapes. Square and rectangular frames tend to do well.

Now that you know what frames best suit your face shape, let’s take a look at today’s trendiest frames.

Modern Retro

Think a new spin on Buddy Holly-esque frames – muted shades, metallic accents and defined brows. These frames on Lisa Rina are a great example of modern retro; the influences of the past are obvious but there’s a clear modern twist! There are tons of great frames that will work will many face shapes!

Heavy Top, Light Bottom

Another trend seen in the past year are plastic frames that are dark and heavy across the top and translucent along this bottom. This is great for heart shaped faces as it helps to balance the face out. Additionally, heavy, dark frames can sometimes overpower the face and having the translucent bottom half is a great way to diminish that negative effect.

Big and Bold

An eyewear trend that has failed to go away is big and bold frames with large lenses and dark colors that make a strong statement. These types of lenses often tend to be somewhat of a trademark. If you’re looking to make a statement and stand out from the crowd, these may be for you!

Plastic Top, Metal Bottom

These frames definitely fall into the modern retro category but this style in particular is so popular that they deserve their own shout out! An absolute blast from the past, this club master style of heavy plastic across the top and thin metal along the bottom has really made a comeback in the past year!

The Cats Meow

Once the bane of every 1950’s girl in a poodle skirt is now the stuff of high fashion! Cat-eye glasses for both the sun and prescription have been a prominent fashion in the past year or so! A very sophisticated and chic look, these lenses are the top of elegance!

Colored Frames

Add a little flourish to all your outfits with colored frames! They are the ultimate accessory that will spice up any outfit. Choosing colored frames is a fun statement and has become increasingly popular in the past year or so! Just make sure you pick a color that matches the clothing colors you often wear.

Whatever type of frame is most stylish or looks best with your face shape, the most important thing is to feel comfortable! If you look good, you’ll feel good; so choose frames that make you feel good about yourself!

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