Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses

Contacts Lens vs Traditional Glasses at Odessa Vision

If you require vision correction, you may have contemplated the differences between Contact Lens vs Traditional Glasses. The first step in having a crisp, clear vision is to make an appointment at Odessa Vision in Odessa to meet with our optometry team. Here is some information about contact lenses and glasses to read over and how our optometrist can help you with any eye care needs you have.

When Contact Lenses Work Well

If you want to show off your features without any obstructions in the way, opting for contact lenses may be desirable to you. Contact lenses cover the entire portions of your irises, giving you the clearest vision possible even when you are looking to the side, up, or down. With glasses, you only have vision correction when looking through the lens portion of your piece. If you enjoy engaging in sports or exercise, contact lenses will not get in your way while you are moving around.

When Glasses Are A Great Choice

Some people don’t want to deal with the cleaning of contact lenses. If you would rather grab your vision correction source and go, traditional glasses may be a better choice. Glasses come in all types of styles, shapes, and colors, making it easy to select a pair that works well at dressing up your face to your desire. Consider purchasing a few pairs if you want to change your appearance.

How Our Optometrist Will Help

When you come to our practice for an eye care exam, our optometrist will discuss the benefits of both glasses and contact lenses to help you select which you would like to wear. Many people find that purchasing both is the best option. This way you have the option in selecting which type of look you desire at any given time.

Contact Our Odessa Vision in Odessa, TX Today!

If you are ready to make an appointment for eye care, contact Odessa Vision in Odessa to meet with our optometry team. Call us at 432-362-3133 and allow us to help you decide on Contact Lens vs Traditional Glasses for your vision correction.

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